The Band

“In a few years the band can easily stand beside giants like The Menzingers, The Fratellis, or The Gaslight Anthem.” – Anthony Sorendino,

Started at a bar in Queens, NY  by a bar tender and one of his  regulars, The Gantry is a 4-piece Indie-Rock band with 3-part harmonies and crowd-rallying anthems. Inspired by the classics, The Gantry’s  songs are Americana short stories set to an indie rock soundtrack.

“Years and Years sustains its hold on the listener from start to finish. It’s a narrative filled with so many different lyrical and aural layers. Peeling those layers is at once entertaining and fulfilling.” – Pam Segura, Pancakes & Whiskey

Since the recent release of their debut album, Years And Years, The Gantry has gone on numerous US Tours, developed a strong NYC following, signed a licensing deal, played at Austin’s SXSW Festival along with other festivals such as Campfire Music Festival, and has been getting nods from industry professionals in anticipation of their next album . The band is currently recording and planning to release in early 2015. Get ready for a much darker sounding Gantry.

“What do you get when you put The Gantry on a stage on the Lower East Side on a Saturday night? Magic.” Chris Pizzolo,

“The Gantry’s tunes are filled with soaring guitar licks and riffs, and three-part harmonies that would give Crosby, Stills and Nash a run for their money.” – Brian Ossip, DC Music Live

“The Gantry’s Years and Years has an unquestionable moxie. It’s a steaming cauldron of all the right ingredients and a delve deeper will unearth potential for the perfect recipe.” – Anthony Sorendino,




Kevin Goldhahn – Guitar, Vocals

Jeff Kay – Guitar, Vocals

Tim Cornish – Bass, Vocals

Adam Knobloch – Drums